Real Property


Permits grant permission for the provisional/revocable use of Canal real property, as long as the use aligns with Canal System operation and the Canal Corporation's objectives. Work permits authorize physical alterations or improvements to Canal property, and requests for short-term access.
Tug boats navigating through Lock E12 of the New York State Canal Corporation, Fonda Section, showcasing the efficient waterway operations and vibrant maritime activity, perfect for canal transportation.
An aerial view looking north over the Erie Canalway Trail and Empire State Trail, with the tranquil waters of the Erie Canal winding through the Village of Medina in Orleans County, New York, offering a picturesque scene ideal for outdoor recreation.
A view of numerous boats docked along the canal during Seneca Falls Canalfest event. The vibrant colors and cheerful ambiance enrich the waterfront scene, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the festivities.

Occupancy Permits

Occupancy permits, approved at the discretion of the Corporation, may provide provisional/revocable authorization for a specific use of Canal real property.

An accessible hand launch dock at Old Erie Canal State Historic Park, constructed with aluminum and equipped with wheelchair ramps and guardrails, extends into a tranquil river amidst lush greenery on a bright day.

Work Permits

Work permits may provide authorization for short term access, and improvements to or physical alterations of Canal real property.


Call First to Save Time and Money

The first step is for you to contact the appropriate person to discuss what property you are interested in, which is the most appropriate transaction type, and to obtain assistance in completing the relevant application forms. Starting with a call will save you both time and money as you seek to move your desired transaction forward.

Who is the Best Person To Contact?

Eastern Region

  • Albany Office - Canal Permit Coordinator - (518) 449-6000 -
    Erie Canal east to Lock E8; Champlain Canal; Glens Falls Feeder Canal; Port Henry Terminal; and Wilcox Dock (City of Plattsburgh).
  • Utica Office - Canal Permit Coordinator - (315) 263-0909 -
    Erie Canal From Lock E8 to the east end of Oneida Lake (including Sylvan and Verona Beaches); Adirondack Canal Lands and all other Reservoirs and Feeder Canals in Oneida, Madison and Herkimer Counties with the exception of DeRuyter Reservoir and Cazenovia Lake.

Western Region

  • Syracuse Office - Canal Permit Coordinator - (315) 423-2080 -
    Erie Canal from Oneida Lake (excluding Sylvan and Verona Beach) to the Monroe/Wayne County line; Oswego Canal; Cayuga-Seneca Canal; Jamesville and DeRuyter Reservoirs; and Cazenovia Lake.
  • Buffalo Office - Canal Permit Coordinator - (716) 686-4400 -
    Erie Canal from the Monroe/Wayne County line to the Niagara River.

New York State Canal Contact Map

Use our interactive map to find the best person to contact about a permit.

Map Legend
Buffalo Office
Syracuse Office
Utica Office
Albany Office
Aerial view of the Erie Canal lock with the Colonial Belle, a tourist boat, passing through, showcasing the efficient waterway transportation system in the canals.

Accela Customer Access (ACA) Portal

NYS Canal Corporation Real Property is planning to release the Accela Customer Access (ACA) Portal later this year.