What Occupancy Permits Allow

Occupancy permits provisionally authorize an array of uses including: residential access, docking, public or commercial infrastructure, and many others as long as they do not interfere with operation or maintenance of the Canal System and are consistent with the Canal Recreationway Plan and the Corporation's goals. Occupancy permits may be issued irrespective of whether any work-related activity may be occurring on such property.

A picturesque scene of several boats docked along the canal for a lively Seneca Falls Canalfest event, enhancing the waterfront ambiance with vibrant colors and a cheerful atmosphere.
Permit Documents
Download the sample canal occupancy and work permit application and the canal permit update form.

Residential Insurance Requirements

  • $300,000 minimum General Liability
  • Insurance Policy Declaration page is acceptable
  • Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance is acceptable - (View Sample of Acord)

Permit Inquiries

Contact the appropriate person to discuss what property you are interested in, which is the most appropriate transaction type, and to obtain assistance in completing the relevant application forms.