Real Property

Canal Real Property Management

Canal Real Property Management (CRPM) manages the Corporation's real estate interests. CRPM acquires, leases and disposes of real property, maintains land and transaction records, and issues revocable permits for varied uses of canal land and waters. 
Bright and airy waterfront real estate development under a blue sky in Medina, New York, featuring modern townhouses with prominent gabled roofs and a central pavilion.
Tug boats maneuvering through Lock E12 of the New York State Canal Corporation in the Fonda Section, illustrating the smooth operation of the waterway and bustling maritime activity, ideal for canal transportation.


Permits grant permission for the provisional/revocable use of Canal real property, as long as the use aligns with Canal System operation and Corporation's objectives. Work permits authorize physical alterations or improvements to Canal property, and requests for short-term access.

Aerial view of a scenic canal winding through lush greenery, farmland, and residential areas, showcasing the tranquil beauty of the waterway.

Sales & Leases

Sales and leases of Canal real property undergo careful consideration by the Corporation and relevant advisory bodies.

A boardwalk runs alongside the picturesque canals of Fairport and Pittsford, featuring a large red barge passing under the bridge.

Commercial Vessel Passes

All commercial vessels (shippers and tour operators) navigating the Canal System must obtain a Pass.

Property Record Map Information

Land Surveyors working on canal property are encouraged to contact the appropriate Canal Division Office to obtain information about Canal appropriation maps.

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