Need help on the NYS Canal System?

For emergencies call 911. For non-emergencies call the Canal Corporation Incident Call Center 24/7, at 833-538-1042.

For business offices, contact us.


News, Events, and Updates
  • Event Kid-Friendly Kayaking Mohawk River Albany Capital Region 7/13/2024
    Open to canoes and kayaks. Three races: Marathon - 11 miles between Locks 9 and 10; Recreational - 3 miles; Family Fun Race - 1 mile. T-shirts for each participant and prizes to first three finishers in each class.
  • Event Kid-Friendly Kayaking Mohawk River Albany Capital Region 7/14/2024
    Open to canoes and kayaks. Three races: Marathon - 10 miles between Locks 8 & 9, Recreational - 3 miles, Family Fun - 1 mile.
  • Event Festivals & Celebration Erie Canal 7/16/2024
    Taste the flavor of local culinary businesses as you sample signature dishes, unique local food products, and craft beverages. Presale tickets include a Taste of Wayne County cup/glass and a commemorative spork. Tickets also available at the door.

Get to know the Canals & Trails

Locking Through

Watching a lock operate is a fascinating experience. Whether in a boat or kayak on the water or standing at a Canal wall railing, you’ll see an “elevator for watercraft” at work. Lock Operators use electric controls to open and close the lock gates but it is gravity that makes the water flow in or out of the lock chamber using underwater values and tunnels.
A yacht gently enters the open gate of Lock E16 on the Erie Canal, under a bright sunny sky, surrounded by lush greenery.

Travel the Trails

Walking and cycling for fun with friends or wellness, we’ve got the place for you— the Canalway Trial along the Erie and Champlain canals. Step off the trail to visit local cafes, restaurants and shops in charming canal communities. Glimpses of wildlife, sleek boats and beautiful landscapes along the Canal waterways fill your eyes with wonder. The soft chirping of birds, rippling waters as kayaks glide by and the music of breezes through the lush green landscape are a symphony of sounds for the mind. The trails are for everyone—from those living the high energy lifestyle to those seeking the serenity of New York State’s natural beauty.  

Fall Fishing

Get a glimpse of the environment and wildlife you might encounter while fishing along the New York State Canals
Two people standing on rocks fishing along the bank of the canal. The sky appears to be right after sunset or right before sunrise. It appears to be windy with some slight waves in the water.

The Canal System

This video provides an overview of the places, events, and activities one may partake of in enjoying a NYS Canal experience. From boating in many forms and formats to fishing, walking or biking, historical perspectives, shopping and dining. The NYS Canal system affords ample opportunities for exploration, excitement, and recreation in a vast and multi-faceted waterside environment.
A beautiful scene over the Erie canal showing sun behind clouds reflecting on the calm waters below. The canal splits in two directions with the open water on one side and a  lock on the other. Lush green trees and landscaping are on either side of the canal.

Real Property & Permits

Resources for individuals looking to buy, rent, sell or lease property, hold events or do construction along the New York State Canals System.
The Genesse barge moving slowly along the canal. The water is tranquil and calm. The surrounding trees and greenery are full and bright green. There's a small mountain in the background.

Business & Grants

While more widely used for recreation, commercial traffic of heavy loads can travel economically and sustainably through Canal waterways. If you’re a business owner, find out about bid opportunities. Two types of Canal grants help communities fund projects large and small.
he drydock at Waterford Section 2 maintenance facility of the NYS Canal Corporation is filled with water, and boats have been moved into the area. Workers prepare for draining the water later in the day, ensuring the vessels are secured in place.

Careers at the Canals

The New York State Canal Corporation relies upon engineers to ensure the safe, reliable operation of the 524 miles of the canal system within New York State. The canal system, with its rich history and vital economic impact on the communities it passes through, provides opportunities and unique professional challenges for engineers looking to advance their skillsets and knowledge base.