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A bustling construction site along a canal featuring a large yellow crane lifting a heavy black gate. Workers in bright orange and yellow safety vests oversee the operation under a clear blue sky.

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Work to Revitalize the Canals

Guy Park Manor, City of Amsterdam

Restores a landmark and park space of historic significance and emotional value to the community. The 18th-century manor house, damaged by flooding in 2011, will be reconstructed to protect it from future flooding events.
Artistic rendering of a bustling community park scene with diverse activities and vibrant landscaping. Features include people walking, cycling, and enjoying nature along a winding pathway, a historic stone building in the background, a picturesque green bridge, and lush fields filled with wildflowers and trees under a clear sky.

Montezuma Wetlands Enhancement, Montezuma, Cayuga County

In partnership with NYSDEC, the Canal Corporation is enhancing waterflows and wildlife habitat in the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area, an important migratory stopover. The project includes the purchase of a specially designed weed harvester boat that can remove invasive water chestnut in the shallow waterways of this region, reducing aquatic invasives and aiding access for recreation.
Photo of the Montezuma bluff area showing low water level and brown vegetation in the water

Iconic Lighting, Various

Iconic Lighting highlights and illuminates historic Canal infrastructure, creating unique attractions for Canal communities. The two lighthouses on Oneida Lake—in Brewerton and Verona Beach—have been lit, as were the Fairport Lift Bridge, the Little Falls Lock E-17 and the Tonawanda CSX bridge.
A night time photo of a bridge that is shining with red lights

Medina Waterfront Promenade, High Wall Rehab & Art Festival, Village of Medina

Several projects will take place along the Canal waterfront in the Village of Medina, a historic canal town located midway between Rochester and Buffalo. Projects include the rehabilitation of the Medina Highwall, an aqueduct that carries the Canal and the former Canal towpath—now the Empire State Trail—across Oak Orchard Creek. There will be development of waterfront park elements along a half-mile stretch of the Trail, from the Medina Lift Bridge to the Horan Road Bridge. Plans also include a Triennial Arts Festival expected in 2026 and 2029.
Rendering of a park next to water with a boat cruising in the water

Brockport Pedestrian Bridge, Brockport

A new pedestrian bridge is being constructed across the Erie Canal in Brockport. The new bridge will connect the Empire State Trail—on the north side of the Canal—to the SUNY Brockport campus—on the south side of the Canal. The bridge is a key element in the creation of a continuous loop, totaling approximately 1.2 miles, connecting both sides of the Canal. In addition to a pedestrian crossing, the bridge will incorporate a viewing platform from which spectators can watch rowing competitions and other events and activities on the Canal.
Rendering of Brockport bridge with people walking and biking next to the canal
An aerial view of the Erie Canal, stretching westward towards the Village of Medina in Orleans County, New York, tranquil waters with lush greenery and a view of the Horan Road Bridge
earthen embankment

Earthen Embankment Integrity Program

Through the construction of dam walls made up of naturally occurring “earthen material”, the Canal Corporation seeks to restore, maintain, and manage select stretches of the canal that are more than 200 years old.

Picturesque scene of the Erie canal in the fall. The calm blue water surrounded by foliage and sea grass.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship is recognized as one of the primary responsibilities of the Canal Corporation.