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Aerial view of a bustling canal scene with boats moored along the water's edge and kayakers enjoying the day. The waterway snakes through a charming town, where historic and modern buildings nestle close together, bordered by lush greenery. The calm waters reflect the clear blue sky above this vibrant community, showcasing a harmonious blend of nature and urban life.

About the Canals

The New York State Canal Corporation is responsible for operating, maintaining, improving, and promoting New York State Canal System’s 524-mile network of four Canals—the Erie, Champlain, Cayuga-Seneca and Oswego canals, and related waterways—and includes more than 150 miles of trails. It is the largest state-run inland waterway system in the United States and has been in continuous operation for nearly 200 years. The Canal Corporation is a subsidiary of the New York Power Authority.

Following much of the original towpaths, used by mules pulling boats along the Canal waterways, the Canal Corporation-owned trails include portions of the 365-mile Canalway Trail along the Erie and Champlain Canals. The Canalway Trail runs from Albany to Buffalo and from Albany to Whitehall, and is all part of the 750-mile Empire State Trail—the nation's longest multiuse in-state recreational trail network.

A serene view of the Erie Canal with a white tour boat named 'RIVERIE' cruising on the calm water, framed by a modern arc-shaped bridge. The bustling Rochester skyline with diverse architecture, including towering office buildings and historic structures, rises majestically in the background, under a clear sky with a few soft white clouds.
Two white pleasure boats cruising side by side on the calm waters of a canal, with lush greenery lining the rocky embankments. Passengers can be seen aboard enjoying the serene waterway as they navigate through the heart of a tranquil natural landscape, exemplifying leisurely travel on New York's historic canals.

National Recognitions

The National Park Service announced that it has listed the New York State Barge Canal on the National Register of Historic Places. The designation recognizes the New York State Canal System as a nationally significant work of early twentieth century engineering and construction that affected transportation and maritime commerce for nearly half a century.
A group of people is standing on a bridge with the American flag and flags of New York and another state in the background. Among them are NYPA Board of Trustees Chairman John Koelmel, President and CEO Justin E. Driscoll, and NYPA Board of Trustees and Canal Corporation Director Brian Stratton. They are leading a tour of the Erie Canal aboard the Sam Patch boat from Pittsford to Fairport, followed by a tour of Fairport and Lock E32 in Pittsford.


Learn about our leadership at the Canal Corporation by reading bios for our Board of Directors and Executive Management team. Also, see the members of our Board as well as the members of our Audit, Governance, Finance, and Risk and Resiliency Committees.
A group of officials, including Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, stands together at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. They hold scissors poised to cut a blue ribbon that reads "Canal Corporation." This marks the opening of a new 2.1-mile section of the Erie Canalway Trail. The ceremony takes place outdoors, with trees and a road visible in the background.


The New York State Canal Recreationway Commission was created by the New York State Legislature in 1992 under Article XIII-A, Section 138-a of the Canal Law, to advise the NYS Thruway Authority and NYS Canal Corporation on canal-related activities. The NY Power Authority assumed responsibility for the Canal Corporation from the Thruway Authority in 2017.
An aerial view of the Erie Canal, stretching westward towards the Village of Medina in Orleans County, New York, tranquil waters with lush greenery and a view of the Horan Road Bridge


The Artist-in-Residence program, a collaboration between the Canal Corporation and the Erie Canal Museum, builds on their previous initiatives like the Erie Canal Fellowship and tours of Canal infrastructure.  

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