Commercial Vessels Using the Canals

All commercial vessels must obtain a pass from the Canal Corporation to navigate the Canal System. The Canal Corporation may, at its discretion, issue a special revocable permit to commercial operators authorizing the use of the Canal System outside of the established Navigation Season.

Contact Information

Information may be obtained by contacting Ted Westerling, Canals Navigation Program Manager, at (518) 449-6024 or

A boardwalk runs alongside the picturesque canals of Fairport and Pittsford, featuring a large red barge passing under the bridge.
A bright yellow lift bridge raised high above a tranquil canal allows a white cabin cruiser boat to pass underneath. The boat’s captain stands attentively at the helm, navigating the calm blue waters on a sunny day. The lush green banks and clear sky create an idyllic setting for a leisurely boat trip through the canal.

Passes and Fees

All commercial vessels (shippers and tour operators) navigating the Canal System must obtain a Pass by filing the application below with the Canal Corporation and by mailing it in or faxing it. If you have questions please call (518) 449-6000 .

The annual fees for commercial operators to navigate the Canal System are:

  • $750 tug and barges;
  • $300 per hire boat;
  • $30 per passenger capacity, for tour vessels with overnight accommodations;
  • $10 per passenger capacity, for hour dayliners.

Commercial Vessel Pass Application