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Employment Opportunities

The New York State Canal Corporation is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Civil Service examinations are required for many Canal Corporation positions. Please visit the NYS Department of Civil Service Leaving NYS Canal's Website website for listings of upcoming Civil Service exams and job openings.

Seasonal Job Openings

Engineering Job Openings

The New York State Canal Corporation relies upon engineers to ensure the safe, reliable operation of the 524 miles of the canal system within New York State. The canal system, with its rich history and vital economic impact on the communities it passes through, provides opportunities and unique professional challenges for engineers looking to advance their skillsets and knowledge base.

We encourage all qualified candidates for engineering opportunities with the Canal Corporation to file for the continuous recruitment examinations that interest them, with the Department of Civil Service. The Civil Service engineering examination website can be found here: New York State Career Opportunities in Engineering

We are particularly interested in candidates who meet minimum qualifications in the following titles:

Engineer Trainee

Assistant Engineer

Professional Engineer 1

Civil Service Engineering Exams

The Civil Service Engineering Exams involve candidates completing online questionnaires that rate a candidate’s education and experience; there is no written test, no test date is involved, and the online questionnaire serves as your actual test. Your answers to the questionnaire will be rated and the Canal Corporation will contact you about your score, your placement on the civil service list, as well as your interest in being considered for engineering vacancies.

Job Openings

  • The Canal Corporation has the following vacancies available for candidates who are currently New York State employees in the Classified Civil Service:
  • The Canal Corporation has the following vacancies available for the General Public:

Other Canal-Related Opportunities

See Canal Jobs in Action

Job Application

Employment Application Part 1 Pre-Interview ADM-F034 Mar 2018 PDF 

This application must be printed and mailed. Data will not transfer if this form is attached to an e-mail.

If you are unable to access this PDF file, or are looking for more specific information, please email your name and mailing address requesting
ADM-F034 - Employment Application to , or, contact the New York State Canal Corporation at (518) 449-6003.

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