Aerial view of boats exiting Lock E5 in Waterford, NY, marking the opening day of the navigation season of the NYS Canal Corporation. The lock gates are open, allowing several boats to pass through the calm waters of the canal. Surrounding lush greenery and hills complete the scenic landscape.

Canal Structures

Lock Information
Lift Bridge Information
Guard Gates Information
Aerial view of the Erie Canal lock with the Colonial Belle, a tourist boat, passing through, showcasing the efficient waterway transportation system in the canals.
The image shows an aerial view of Fairport Lift Bridge, which spans a canal. The bridge is a truss-style bridge painted in brown color. Several people are walking across the bridge, and there's a small boat with a turquoise cover moored near the bridge. Surrounding the bridge are buildings, trees, and a waterway.
The image shows a boat passing through a canal lock located in Waterford, NY. The lock consists of a large metal structure with a sign that reads "Welcome - Guard Gate 2 Waterford, NY" and provides information about monitoring channels. The boat is entering the lock, and the gate appears partially open to allow passage.

Launch Locations

Boat Ramp / Kayak Launches
People loading kayaks onto a truck at Minekill State Park, North Blenheim, New York. A man in a green tank top lifts a colorful kayak onto the truck bed, while a woman assists. Other kayaks are already loaded, ready for the Schoharie County Paddle for Paws event.
A man sits in a fishing boat at a dock in Massena, NY. The boat is partially submerged in clear water, with its outboard motor visible. A truck with a boat trailer is parked on a boat ramp next to the dock. The sky is clear and blue, and there are trees and a building in the background.
Group of individuals enjoying kayaking on the canals, showcasing inclusive recreational activities for all abilities. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts exploring accessible water sports.

Canal Amenities

Boat Rentals and Cruises
Marinas and Public Docks
A boat named 'Colonial Belle' docked along the Erie Canal, surrounded by visitors waiting to embark on a cruise. This is part of the Fairport Village Tour and Cruise, where visitors cruise aboard the Colonial Belle near and under the Fairport Lift Bridge from Packett's Landing, during an afternoon mobile session of Day 1 of the New York State Canal Conference.
Two individuals sit on camping chairs near a fire pit and picnic table at a campground surrounded by lush greenery. Several recreational vehicles are parked nearby, with a view of the St. Lawrence River in the background. This is a campground at the beach at Robert Moses State Park, managed by the NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, along the St. Lawrence River.
Several boats docked at Coles Creek Marina, surrounded by trees and a calm lake. The marina offers a tranquil setting for boat owners to moor their vessels.

Canal Attractions

Cruises and Boat Rentals
Heritage Sites
A signboard titled 'Whitehall: Gateway to the NYS Canal System' stands against a blue background. The sign provides historical information about Whitehall. In the background, a paved walkway runs alongside a river, with trees and buildings visible on the opposite bank. This is at Amsterdam, NY, near Lock 11.
A sign reads 'Welcome to Fairport' against a backdrop of trees and flowers. The sign also mentions 'Canal Days' and describes Fairport as 'A Public Power Community, Incorporated 1867.' This is at Fairport Canal Days, one of the most popular arts festivals in New York State, celebrating its 44th year as one of the premier juried art festivals in the Northeast, alongside the scenic village on the historic Erie Canal.
A sign reads 'ENTERING Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor' against a backdrop of autumn foliage. The sign is mounted on a metal structure. This is at Amsterdam, NY, near Lock 11.

Canal Speed Limits

Speed Limits

Champlain Canal

  • C-12 to C-8: 10 MPH
  • C-8 to C-7: 5 MPH
  • C-7 to Crocker's Reef: 45 MPH
  • Crocker's Reef to C-6 (land cut): 10 MPH
  • C-6 to Northumberland (approach piers to land cut): 45 MPH
  • Northumberland to C-5: 10 MPH
  • C-5 to C-4 cut (bridge): 45 MPH
  • C-4 cut: 10 MPH
  • C-4 to C-1: 30 MPH
  • C-1 to Waterford: 30 MPH

Erie Canal

  • E-2 to E-6: 5 MPH
  • E-6 to E-12: 45 MPH
  • E-12 to E-16: 30 MPH
  • E-16 to E-17: 10 MPH
  • E-17 to Guard Gate #4: 5 MPH
  • Guard Gate #4 to E-21: 10 MPH
  • E-21 to Sylvan Beach Breakwater: 5 MPH
  • Oneida Lake: No Speed Limit
  • I-81 Bridge (E-63A) to and including State Ditch Cut: 10 MPH
  • R "408" at western end of State Ditch Cut to E-26: 30 MPH
  • E-26 to E-32: 10 MPH
  • E-32 to E-33: 5 MPH
  • E-33 to Three Mile Island: 10 MPH
  • Three Mile Island to Niagara River: 5 MPH

Oswego Canal

  • Three Rivers to O-2: 10 MPH
  • O-2 to O-3: 5 MPH
  • O-3 to O-6: 10 MPH
  • O-6 to O-8: 5 MPH

Cayuga-Seneca Canal

  • Cayuga-Seneca / Erie Canal Junction to Lock CS-1: 30 MPH
  • CS-1 to Seneca Lake: 10 MPH
  • Seneca Lake: No Speed Limit
  • Southern Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen to Montour Falls Navigation Channel: 5 MPH
  • Cayuga Lake: No Speed Limit
  • Southern Cayuga Lake, Ithaca Navigation Channel – 5 MPH

Onondaga Lake Cut

  • Junction to Lake: 5 MPH
  • Onondaga Lake: No Speed Limit
  • Lake to Inner Harbor: 5 MPH

Genesee River

  • Erie Canal to Corn Hill Landing: 10 MPH

Learn more about bridge heights and canal speed limits.

A white sightseeing boat named the Riverie cruises along the tranquil waters of the Erie Canal. In the background, the historic Corn Hill district and its surrounding bridges can be seen under a partly cloudy sky.
Aerial view of Sylvan Beach, NY, showcasing an electric boat being tested on Oneida Lake. The boat creates a wake as it moves through the calm blue waters. Sylvan Beach's shoreline, dotted with trees and buildings, is visible in the background, while a person stands on a dock in the middle ground.
A serene procession of recreational boats cruises along the calm waters of the Erie Canal, passing by docked vessels on a sunlit day, with a historic railroad bridge in the background, capturing the essence of leisurely waterway travel in New York.

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Aerial view of Sylvan Beach, NY, showcasing an electric boat being tested on Oneida Lake. The boat creates a wake as it moves through the calm blue waters. Sylvan Beach's shoreline, dotted with trees and buildings, is visible in the background, while a person stands on a dock in the middle ground.

Canal Map

Planning a launch, route and end point are essential first steps of any voyage. Our interactive map will help you plan and identify points of interest along your route.