Second Update on New NTM Notification System

06/18/2024 07:26 PM

           Notice to Mariners

        Tuesday, June 18, 2024

                                           Second Update on New NTM Notification System


Notice to Mariners has changed to new distribution software for sending notifications.

In your Inbox, look for the new sender for notifications from:

If you already receive Notice to Mariners (NTM) via email, you do NOTHING.

Your information has been moved to the new system.

If you want to sign up to START receiving notifications BY TEXT MESSAGE - or - WANT to review your PROFILE in NTM, here is what you do:

*Update from Previously Sent Info*

In a web browser on your desktop or smartphone, navigate to Regroup : or enter this URL

 Whether you are currently enrolled in NTM or a new user, if this is your first time signing in to the new distribution system—you need to create a password, even if you have a password from the former distribution system.

    1. Click on the First Time Users Create Password button.
    2. Follow directions to update your password from the former NTM system or create a profile if you are a new user. Note: Your password should be 8-15 characters. It must include lowercase and uppercase characters, and at least one number and one symbol.
  • You will receive an Instructions to create new password email:
      • Use Create New Password: If it’s your initial login, whether you are a new user or a past user of the former NTM system, it’s best to reset your password using this method. It allows you to create a single password for both desktop and Mobile App use, if you decide to download the App in the future
  •    If you happen to see a different Login screen, click “No SSO Credentials click here” then enter your Email or Mobile Phone Number and password to log in
  •    All other info requested in the profile is OPTIONAL to complete, however it does help us plan for future work from the insights that information gives.

 If you have questions, please contact

 Thank you for your understanding during the transition to the new distribution system.

The Canal Corporation urges all users and stakeholders to register to receive updates through the Notice to Mariners notification program by clicking here. This link is also used to unsubscribe.

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In case of emergencies, please call the Canal Corporation’s Emergency Call Center at 833-538-1042.