Western Erie Canal and Glens Falls Feeder Canal - Water Levels

06/13/2024 08:14 PM

Notice to Mariners

Western Erie Canal and Glens Falls Feeder Canal – Water Levels

March 26,2024

In advance of the 2024 navigation season, the New York State Canal Corporation today announced that water levels in the Erie Canal between Lock E-30 (Macedon) and Locks E-34/35 (Lockport) will be consistent with levels maintained during the 2022 and 2023 navigation seasons – approximately one foot lower than historic levels.

The adjustment in water levels is directly attributable to the Canal Corporation’s efforts to monitor and manage known seeps along the canal’s earthen embankments. Levels may vary slightly depending on the location. The reduced water levels should not impact vessels transiting the canal within the navigation channel but may impact some docks and boat launches.

In addition, water levels in the Glens Falls Feeder Canal will be consistent with levels maintained throughout 2023 – approximately two feet lower than historic levels as seeps continue to be monitored there as well.

Additional adjustments to the water levels, if required, will be communicated in a timely manner.

The Canal Corporation continuously monitors and inspects these earthen dams on foot via daily monitoring with our staff, as well as using advanced technologies like drones and thermal imaging. To learn more about the Canal Corporation’s Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, please visit this website.

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