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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Eric Canal – Amsterdam

June 7, 2017


Mariners are advised that Erie Canal Buoy G “217” in Amsterdam has been reported off station.  This is on a riverine section of canal that is currently closed.  Mariners are reminded to always favor the north side of the channel between Bridge E-19B (new, white pedestrian bridge, uncharted), and Lock E-11 to avoid shoaling from the outflow of the South Chuctanunda Creek.


To report a navigational aid missing, off station, damaged or extinguished, one can:


When reporting an Aid to Navigation anomaly please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Waterway (canal, river, lake)

  • Approximate location (town, mileage, lock, etc.)

  • AtoN color

  • AtoN #

  • Nature of anomaly (missing, off station, damaged or extinguished)


Chart 14786 E-35 covering the affected at

Features along the eastern portion of the Erie Canal are listed by mileage at

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