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New York State Canals

Real Time Canal Alerts

Rowing Shell Regatta: Erie Canal, Pittsford - Sunday, 11/2 8am-5pm; Practices Saturday, 11/1 afternoon.

Slight delays may occur. Proceed through the area at a "No Wake" speed between event heats.

Updated Monday 10/27 at 04:39 PM
Bridge repair: Erie Canal, Groth Road Bridge (E-190) Tuesday, October 28 through Friday, November 14.

Proceed at a "No-Wake" speed when transiting this area.

Updated Monday 10/27 at 09:51 AM
Upper Hudson River Dredging Project activities planned for the Week of October 27th.

Barge unloading south of C8; Barge loading near R "60"; Project hazard buoys marking shallow water north of buoy Green 133 (outside of channel); No Wake buoys in the land cut north of Lock 6 in vicinity of Isthmus Transfer Area; Norwegian buoys indicating shallow water areas outside of channel between R "68" & R "66", used as temporary moorings between R "72" & R "66", and marking a submerged tree near R "62B". Dredging between G "83" & R "78" and R "32 & R "10"; Backfill/capping between G "89" & G "83", between R "68" & G "71", near R "42", and between R "32" & R "10".

Updated Monday 10/27 at 09:33 AM

Biking & Hiking the Canalway Trail

Trail enthusiasts will enjoy biking or hiking along one of the most extensive trail networks in the country.

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