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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Erie Canal -  Sylvan Beach to Fonda

September 7, 2016


Mariners are advised that bridge inspection activities will take place by barge at the following structures between Sylvan Beach and Fonda Monday, September 12th through Tuesday September 20th as part of NYSDOT’s Bridge Inspection Program:


E-63 NYS Rte 13 (mile 129.18)

E-61 Cove Road (mile 128.19)

E-51 Mill Street (mile 114.79)

E-39 Moss Road (mile 92.51)

E-29 Service Road (mile 74.94)

E-25 NYS Rte 80 (mile 63.87)

E-23 NYS Rte 30A (mile 48.52)


Warning signs will be placed at each end of the work zone.

Mariners should reduce speed, stop all forward motion, and proceed at a “No – Wake” speed when traversing these areas.


Features along the eastern portion of the Erie Canal are listed by mileage (along with links to associated charts) at:

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