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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Champlain Canal - Mechanicville

June 21, 2022

Mariners are advised that the water surface level between Champlain Canal Locks C-3 Mechanicville, and C-4 Stillwater will be reduced to facilitate maintenance activities at the Upper Mechanicville dam beginning on Sunday, June 26th, and continuing for several weeks.  The water surface elevation will be maintained to an approximate target elevation range of 66.5 to 67.0 feet BCD (65.6 to 66.1 feet NGVD 1929). However, the actual water surface elevation is subject to change based on river flow rate and adjustments required to support navigation.

These activities will cause a drop in the water level which may affect boats and docks on the impoundment above Lock C-3. This reduction should not impact most recreational traffic. Commercial or recreational vessels drafting more than 8 feet should contact the Canal Corporation for additional information at 518 461-0942. Boaters are also advised to stay in the middle of the navigation channel. Any complications or inclement weather conditions may delay this schedule.

A chart showing the affected area can be found at

Features on the Champlain Canal are listed by mileage at

The Canal Corporation urges all users to register to receive updates through the "Notice to Mariners" notification program at

In case of emergencies, please call the Canal Corporation Emergency Call Center at: (833) 538-1042.

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