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The story of the state Canal System has been told by artists who were inspired by living on or near its banks for the better part of two centuries.

That still holds true today. This proposal takes that inspiration to a new level—by having the art effectively shaped by its local context-–both an area’s cultural heritage and its regional institutions.

Intra-Works seeks to set in motion a series of permanent art, architectural, and cultural destinations--projects would offer opportunities for interpretation, discovery, and connection.

Often times, these works would be at one with the landscape, serving as beacons to attract tourists to the region. They would come for the art, but stay to visit other cultural and historical outposts as well as local restaurants, shops and bed and breakfasts.

At the same time, the art would be about more than boosting the local economy. It could also unlock the hidden potential of canal towns to serve as places where art—and artists—can be nurtured and openly encouraged.

While the projects will be different, together they will communicate an inherently upstate experience, from one end of New York to the other.

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