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Canalside Pocket Neighborhoods

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The Erie Canal runs through the heart of more than 200 New York communities. In fact, it’s the reason many of them exist. The barges that plied the Canal are mostly gone, but now it’s poised to usher in a new wave of economic activity.

People often talk about the magic of the Canal-its beauty, serenity and rich heritage create an unparalleled sense of place. This project would leverage that sentiment by creating canal-side pocket neighborhoods that would take advantage of the Erie Canal and its Trailway. Homes would surround a common greenspace and have direct access to the Canal to respond to the growing preference of millennials, families, and seniors to live someplace that’s walkable to shopping, restaurants and other amenities.

This proposal would build a pocket neighborhood in the village of Canastota, about 25 miles from Syracuse, and serve as a pilot that could be replicated in other canal-side communities.

If they succeed, more people could realize what makes being a canal town so special. It’s even more special when you live there.

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• Madison County Planning Department
• STREAM Collaborative
• Camoin Associates

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