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Real Property Occupancy and Work Permits

Occupancy and Work Permits are 30-day revocable instruments that are issued by the Corporation. 

Occupancy permits are issued to allow the occupation and use of Canal real property irrespective of whether any work-related activity may be occurring on such property. Occupancy permits are issued for an array of temporary approved uses including: access, beautification, water diversion, docking and many other uses as long as they do not interfere with operation or maintenance of the Canal System and are consistent with the Canal Recreationway Plan and the Corporation's goals.

Work permits are issued to allow an improvement or a physical alteration to be made to Canal real property.  Work permits may also be issued for short term use that may not warrant an occupancy permit, such as an event on Canal property or for contractor pre-bid visits.

*The files below are in PDF PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Residential Permits

Commercial And Municipal Permits:

Access to Corporation Property

  • Request To Access Authority/Corporation Property (TA-W4106-9) Leaving NYS Canal's Website - (View Sample)

    This Request is used to obtain authorization from the appropriate Division prior to accessing Thruway Authority/Canal Corporation (Authority/Corporation) property. The Request is required when access/work is regulated by an existing contract or agreement and the access/work will not be monitored and/or supervised by Authority/Corporation staff. The Request is not required: (i) for existing construction contracts or construction inspection agreements, or (ii) for existing contracts or agreements where access/work will be supervised by Authority/Corporation staff, or (iii) when it is more appropriate to obtain a Work Permit.  The Access request is fee-waived per Executive Instruction 2012-2.