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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Entire NYS Canal System

June 2, 2017


Mariners are advised of the speed limits on the NYS Canal System described at and mapped out at

There are three speed zones on the canal system:

  • 5 MPH

  • 10 MPH

  • 30 MPH and above

Because vessel configurations vary, the speed thresholds at which different wake characteristics occur vary from vessel to vessel.  The speeds listed are more of a general guidance.  The wake characteristics for each zone must not exceed the following:

  • 5 MPH (red zone) – flat water, not even a ripple trails the vessel.

  • 10 MPH (yellow zone) – ripple, but no wake (a ripple is defined here as a small non-whitecap wave that is not large enough to rock a floating dock – less than about 12” in amplitude).

  • 30 MPH and above (green zone) – for vessels capable of getting up on plane, in riverine and lake sections this is allowed.  Wakes are produced when up on plane, and this is acceptable in New York State if not near a dock or other vessels.

On any New York State waterway when within 100 feet of shore no vessel may exceed 5 MPH.

Waking a floating dock can cause property damage, environmental damage, and personal injury.

NYS Canal Regulations §151.15 establish that the New York State Canal Corporation can fine mariners $100 and refuse lockage and bridge lifts for a period of six (6) hours for speeding.


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