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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Cayuga-Seneca Canal – Seneca Falls

August 18, 2016


Mariners are advised that part of VanCleef Lake along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal in Seneca Falls will be within the 400’ safe fallout radius of a firework display at 9:00 PM on Friday, August 19th as part of the Taste & Tunes event. 


Mariners should be aware that some spectator vessels could encroach upon the navigation channel.  All vessels are to proceed through the area at a “no wake” speed not to exceed 5 MPH.


Information about the event can be found at

Chart 14786 CS-4 showing the affected area can be found at

Features along the Seneca Falls/Seneca Lake spur of the Cayuga-Seneca Canal can be found at

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