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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

New York State Canal System

October 1, 2015


Mariners are advised that no closures of the Canal System are predicted over the next 72 hours as a result of recent heavy rainfall.  Mariners are advised that elevated water levels, reduced bridge clearances, excessive current, and debris may be encountered after heavy rainfall even in sections of the Canal System which remain open.

The Canal Corporation continues to closely monitor forecasts related to Hurricane Joaquin, and is coordinating with other water management entities and the National Weather Service.  At this time, flows are not predicted to reach criteria for removing movable dams on the Mohawk River section of the Erie Canal.

If the Northeast River Forecast Center predicts a major flood event on the Mohawk River or Schoharie Creek, the Canal Corporation would issue a subsequent Notice to Mariners providing the schedule for closing the Mohawk River section of the Erie Canal and removing the movable dams.  Current guidance from the National Weather Service indicates that the earliest this would occur would be next Monday, October 5, if it is necessary at all.  In the event this occurs, the Canal Corporation will make docking within the Waterford Flight available as safe harbor, and suspend the 48-hour mooring limitation.   

The Canal Corporation does not anticipate any weather-related closures of any sections of the Canal System prior to Monday, October 5.  However, it is possible that vessels traveling the eastern Erie Canal between Oneida Lake and Waterford, and to a lesser extent other areas of the Canal System, may be impacted beginning on Monday, October 5, depending on the timing and exact track of Hurricane Joaquin.   

Mariners are advised to closely monitor National Weather Service forecasts, NOAA Weather Radio, U.S. Coast Guard Notices to Mariners, and Canal Corporation Notices to Mariners for further information and take all available precautions in advance of any predicted extreme weather.


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