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New York State Canal Corporation

Notice to Mariners

Upper Hudson River – Champlain Canal

June 10, 2015


Mariners are advised that buoy R “64A” is being temporarily moved 500' south to accommodate the Upper Hudson River Dredging Project.


Chart 14786 C-2 covering the affected area can be found at

Features along the Champlain Canal are listed by mileage at



Speed limits between Lock C-2 and Lock C-3 will be 5 mph in all work zones.  In addition, please be mindful of your wakes and when approaching work platforms, stop all forward motion and proceed at a “No-Wake” speed.  Local and state marine patrols will enforce posted speed limits.

For any questions related to the dredging project, call the EPA at (518) 747-4389 or GE at (518) 792-4087.

For updates and information, please call 1-800-4CANAL4 or visit