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New York State Canal Corporation



MAY 28, 2021

The New York State Canal Corporation today announced that Lock E-17 (Little Falls) will resume operating under temporary conditions at 11:00 am today, May 28th.

Lock E-8 (Scotia) through Lock E-16 (St. Johnsville) will resume allowing vessels through the Mohawk Valley on a staggered schedule beginning at 12:00 pm today, May 28th. Mariners should contact their closest lock for details on the local reopening time.   

Locks E-2 (Waterford) through Lock E-22 (New London) will remain open throughout the Memorial Day weekend for normal hours of navigation and all through vessel traffic will be able to transit toward their destination.

All vessels should arrive at Lock E-17 (Little Falls) by 4:30 pm to be locked through on the same day.

Overhead clearance at Lock E-17 (Little Falls) is reduced by approximately 1 foot.  Any vessels over 22' height should confirm actual conditions when approaching the lock.

Mariners should anticipate minor delays at Lock E-17 (Little Falls) due to the temporary use of a crane while the permanent repair to the lower lock gate’s lifting mechanism is designed and custom fabricated. Also, the crane’s operation is subject to temporary stoppages due to winds, lightning, and/or other adverse weather conditions.

All mariners are remined to maintain safe speeds, control their wakes, and to obey all posted Canal speed limits.

The Canal Corporation anticipates closing Lock E-17 (Little Falls) for another short duration in the middle of next week to allow for adjustments in the crane’s operation. Updates will be provided in a timely manner so that mariners can adjust their itineraries accordingly.

The Canal Corporation urges all users to register to receive updates through the “Notice to Mariners” notification program at