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Canal Ambassador Program

Director Stratton with the Bridgehouse Brats, Phoenix, NY
Director Stratton with the Bridgehouse Brats,
Phoenix, NY

Each year, thousands of New Yorkers donate their time, skill, and knowledge to make New York’s Canal System a little better.

Whether it’s retired educators helping to lead school tours, volunteers at museums and visitor centers making visitors feel welcome, or professionals donating skill and knowledge to make community projects possible – the spirit of volunteerism that dominates the Canal Corridor is a testament to the pride New Yorkers feel for their State’s most iconic waterway.

Through the Canal Ambassador Program, the New York State Canal Corporation recognizes the tireless efforts of those volunteers who exhibit pride in this historic waterway, and by their actions help enhance the experience of those who come to visit the corridor from around the world, or from around the block.

By joining the Canal Corporation’s Canal Ambassador Corps, these volunteers become part of a larger effort to collectively make the Canals of New York one of the most popular, educational, and fun destinations in the northeastern United States.  The program helps to recognize the volunteer groups who have selflessly given of their time in the past, and to recruit the next generation of volunteers who will help promote and preserve the Canal System well into the future.

Director Stratton at the Canal Ambassadors Award Ceremony
Director Stratton at the Canal Ambassadors Award Ceremony

The Canal Corporation is actively seeking present – or future – volunteers to enroll in the Canal Ambassador Program.  Whether you are an active volunteer who would like to continue to serve your particular organization or cause – or would like to become a volunteer along the Canal System and need help finding an organization or mission which is a good fit for your interests and abilities – the NYS Canal Ambassador Program is right for you.

To apply, use the form below to fill out a brief questionnaire.  If approved, you will be registered in the program and receive a certificate and t-shirt in the mail, and join the growing corps of people helping to make New York’s Canal Corridor an even better place. 

So please apply for the Canal Ambassador Program today – and be part of something historic! 

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