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Guard Gate Information

Champlain Canal
mileNAME/ LOCATIONPHONE/INFOlatitudelongitude
31.84Guard Gate Crockers Reef, Ft MillerGate operationally left open.43.18955-73.58102
Erie Canal
mileNAME/ LOCATIONPHONE/INFOlatitudelongitude
2.52Guard Gate 1, CrescentGate operationally left open.42.80340-73.70890
2.77Guard Gate 2, CrescentEastbound call (518) 237-0833 or VHF 13 to open.42.80489-73.71336
74.54Guard Gate 3, Indian CastleGates operationally left open.43.00942-74.77205
79.84Guard Gate 4, Little FallsGates operationally left open.43.03755-74.86223
87.20Guard Gate 5, HerkimerGates operationally left open.43.01536-74.99444
111.80Guard Gate 6, RomeGates operationally left open.43.19945-75.38903
115.05Guard Gate 7, RomeGates operationally left open.43.20126-75.45348
249.96Guard Gate 9, Bushnell's BasinGates operationally left open.43.06838-77.46847
252.35Guard Gate 10, CartersvilleGates operationally left open.43.07917-77.50114
259.95East Guard Lock, RochesterGates operationally left open.43.11687-77.63333
261.02West Guard Lock, RochesterGate operationally left open.43.12583-77.65075
269.93Guard Gate 11, SpencerportGates operationally left open.43.19112-77.77546
279.80Guard Gate 12, BrockportGates operationally left open.43.21441-77.95486
284.16Guard Gate 13, HolleyGates operationally left open.43.23722-78.02676
294.29Guard Gate 14, AlbionGates operationally left open.43.24970-78.21536
302.65Guard Gate 15, MedinaGates operationally left open.43.23007-78.37076
307.34Guard Gate 16, MiddleportNorth gate down. Use south gate.43.21884-78.44831
313.75Guard Gate 17, GasportGates operationally left open.43.20076-78.56811
325.09Guard Gate 18, PendletonGates operationally left open.43.11590-78.73672