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Erie Armada

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Some of the nation’s finest craft breweries are on or near the Erie Canal. And they want to take to the water to spread the word.

Enter the Erie Armada, a multi-day festival and boat race rolled into one. But this is not your father’s regatta. Instead, there will be custom human-powered boats created by breweries racing in teams.

And the boats? Don’t expect a luxury yacht or even the S.S. Minnow, for that matter. The possibilities will extend as far as the imagination and their ability to float!

The armada is not just about who wins, but also the celebrations at the beginning and end. There’ll be music and grub from local food trucks and restaurants, along with the star attractions--new beers created for the armada by the competing breweries.

The Erie Canal has a rich heritage with the beer industry. Hops grown in New York and shipped on the canal once supplied breweries far and wide. Now the state’s brewing industry is back in a big way. It’s a cause for celebration—and to have a lot of fun.

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• Parks & Trails New York
• Joe Gustainis (Advisor)

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