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Inventory of Online Forms

Canal Corporation Inventory of Online Forms
Form Name Form Title
Adopt-a-Trail Agreement TA-W99108C
Adopt-a-Trail Permit Application TA-W99106
Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Registration TA-W99108D
Adopt-a-Trail Roster of Registered Volunteers TA-W99108G
Application for Commercial Permit TA-W91049
Canal Permit Application TA-W99072
Certificate Of Compliance With The Authority/Corporation Guidelines Regarding Permissible Contacts During A Procurement And The Prohibition Of Inappropriate Lobbying Influence TA-W2111-9
Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations (NYS Finance Law Sections 139-j and 139-k) TA-W3053-9
Employment Application/Personal Information Record TA-W3199-9
Incident Report Form TA-W1552-9
Report of Obstruction, Hazardous Physical Condition, Collision/Allision or Violation of Canal Rules and Regulations TA-W99012
Request To Access Authority/Corporation Property TA-W4106-9
Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire TA-W3205-9