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EEIP Public Hearing Virtual Meeting Registration

The purpose of the SEQR public hearing is to accept verbal comments on the New York State Canal Corporation’s draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (“DGEIS”) for the adoption and implementation of a programmatic approach for maintaining earthen embankments (“Earthen Embankment Integrity Program” or “EEIP”). The EEIP formalizes management practices into a comprehensive systemwide program to reduce the risk of embankment failure due to erosion, seepage, or settlement. To implement the EEIP, NYSCC will document processes in a program guidebook (“Guidebook”).

When logging into a hearing on July 14th at the appropriate hearing time (Day or Evening), participants should visit, click “Join” or “Launch Meeting” . If joining by computer or mobile device, it is recommended that participants confirm system compatibility prior to the meeting date using the Zoom test meeting:

All electronic and call-in participants will be muted upon entry into the virtual hearing. The moderator will call each person who has requested to provide a statement to speak. Each public statement hearing will be held open until everyone who has registered to speak has been heard or other reasonable arrangements to submit comments on the record have been made. Please note that written comments can be submitted by email at until the close of the public comment period at 5 PM on September 5, 2021. Time limits during the public hearing may be set for each speaker as necessary to ensure all registered participants have an opportunity to provide verbal comments. It is recommended that lengthy comments be submitted in writing and summarized verbally during the public hearing. All comments, regardless of how they are submitted, will be treated equally and reviewed in advance of publication of the Final GEIS.

The public hearings will be recorded and posted on the project’s website noted above and a verbatim transcript of the hearings will be made for inclusion in the SEQR record.

Close captioning services will be available during all virtual public statement hearings.

To register to speak at one of the public hearings, please complete this form:

Registration must be completed by July 13th to be guaranteed an opportunity to speak at the virtual hearing.