Solar Star Boats Press Release

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2012
CONTACT: Robert Meacham (602) 740-9534

Solar-Powered Boat Travels Erie Canal

Solar Star Boats has announced the launch of the revolutionary Solar Star 23, a solar- powered electric cruising boat.  The innovative Solar Star 23 will make its public debut with the transit of the 363-mile-long Erie Canal, starting in Buffalo, N.Y., on Sunday, May 20, 2012. It expects to arrive complete the trip on May 29 in Waterford, where the Erie Canal meets the Hudson River.

"We are excited to be launching the Solar Star 23 in the City of Good Neighbors, Buffalo, N.Y.," said Robert Meacham, a partner of Solar Star Boats. "This environmentally conscious boat will be the future of boating with its economical pricing and minimal upkeep."

Designed by legendary New Zealander Tim Clissold, the Solar Star 23 is manufactured in Phoenix, AZ. The 23-foot-long, affordable boat offers a variety of innovations and eco-friendly features to benefit all kinds of boat owners. These include the revolutionary displacement Trimaran-shaped hull, a virtually maintenance-free drive system and the electrically operated top that provides shelter for passengers and crew. The boat was designed from the hull up with the sun and environment in mind.

Boaters can now spend time cruising lakes, rivers and canals quietly knowing that they have protected the environment.

Not only did the designers have the environment in mind, but new owners will be thrilled with the fact that they do not have to refuel their boat at the end of the day. The sun will do it for them.

Simply stated, boat owners can rest easy knowing they have protected both the environment and their wallets.

For more information on the revolutionary cruising boat, log on to or call 1-800-971-7989, ext. 702 or 703

Erie Canal Trip of the Solar Star 23
(Schedule is subject to change)


Sunday, May 20                                       Medina
Monday, May 21                                      Brockport
Tuesday, May 22                                      Fairport
Wednesday, May 23                                 Lyons
Thursday, May 24                                     Baldwinsville
Friday, May 25                                         Sylvan Beach
Saturday, May 26                                     Herkimer
Sunday, May 27                                       Palatine Bridge Area
Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day)           Schenectady
Tuesday, May 29                                      Waterford