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Calendar of Events

Image of a Canal Event along Syracuse Harbor


Dear Canal Partner:

As we look forward to the opening of the 2014 season along the New York State Canal System, we are once again preparing our annual Calendar of Events. Our goal is to promote the many exciting events along the Canal to the general public in order to generate local economic benefits through tourism.

To ensure the 2014 calendar is comprehensive, we are asking for your help in gathering information about events in your community. This year, our focus for will be events that take place on, or adjacent to, canal facilities, including the waterway and/or trail. We are also seeking events that have a canal theme, such as a festival or celebration of a historic milestone.

Please submit your event listing to Angela Kasper, Office of Canals, by email ( or by phone (518.436.3055). The following information should be included for each event:

  • event title;
  • event dates/times;
  • event venue, including address; (example: ABC Park, 123 Main St, Village of XXX, NY, zip code)
  • admission fees (if any);
  • sponsoring organization;
  • event contact information (name, email and/or phone number);
  • event website address (or Facebook page)